Monday, 5 February 2018

'I've been around' - Meet the surprise SA artist on the Black Panther soundtrack.

For many SA music fans, the first time they had heard of Yugen Blakrok was when the star-studded tracklist for the Black Panther movie was released late last week, but the Joburg-based rapper has been around for a while.

Yugen may be known to a small amount of local fans, but the artist has been capturing the world's attention for long before her upcoming collaboration with Vince Staples on the project. She recently finished her third European tour and has worked with several artists across Europe and America, including Poetic Death.

"I have toured with a number of international artist and I have fans overseas, but I think I have quite a niche market in South Africa, a small following of people. I have been labelled an underground artist and I have come to accept that because I think that is where I get my creativity from. That is where my music is better received. I have had exposure to South African radio and media, but I think sometimes certain politics are at play, and as a independent artist, it can be hard to be on the same level as more established artists."

By Kyle Zeeman.

Full story at Times Live.

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