Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Chika Ike: Actress shares story of how she never liked her body while growing up.

Chika Ike is reminiscing on the past when she was skinny and got called names and how it later turned out to favour her.

Chika Ike has one of the most admired physiques in the entertainment industry but the actress didn't like her body while growing up.

The Nollywood star made this known via her Instagram page on Monday, April 2, 2018, where she talked about how she wasn't confident of her body during her teenage years and also got bullied and called all sort of names.

"I never liked my body growing up and was constantly bullied about it. I was so skinny and was the tallest in my class. I never looked forward to morning assembly because I'll have to stand at the back of the class or class presentations to talk about “your best friend “ because I’ll be described as the thin girl. I can remember eating all sorts to things to gain weight but nothing worked, I really craved to have some flesh on me. I was called all sorts of names like Lepa, thin girl and Agric chicken because I was so skinny and tall," she said

By Odion E. Okonofua.

Full story at Pulse NG.

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