Thursday, 2 August 2018

Here's why Pearl Modiadie cancelled her wedding.

Pearl opens up about calling off her wedding for
the second time. Image: Via Pearl Modiadie's Instagram

"You know what love feels like. When it stops feeling like it and that small voice is talking. It was time to listen and walk."

Pearl Modiadie has for the first time opened up about "the small voice' in her head that led her to call off her wedding twice in two years. 

Pearl sent shockwaves through the industry when she seemingly confirmed reports that she and her ex-fiance Nkululeko Buthelezi had called off their wedding in May. 

Speaking on Trending SA this week, Pearl opened up about cancelling the wedding for the first time in 2017 and said she gave Nkululeko a second chance to test the waters.

"I went back the first time because you want to give them the second chance. You know, you want to see if you were right or wrong about them."

By Kyle Zeeman.
Full story at Thsisalive.

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