"We bring life closer to you!"


We love what you love!

Vision Statement:

Is to unite the world through entertainment.

Our objectives:

1. Providing accurate news information to our subscribers and viewers.
2. Showing clear images through our cable network and newspaper.
3. Show-casing interviews of musicians, actors and actresses.
4. Presenting benefiting, educating, informative and entertaining ads.

Bragging rights:

Have you seen, hear or watched it?


Acelife Entertainment is not the right owner of many entertainment reports and images on this blog and did not seek permission before putting them on our blog but if you feel offended or do not like your report(s) or (and) image(s) to be used on this blog, kindly send us an email outlining the report(s) or (and) image(s) concerned and it would be removed immediately.

Thanks for your co-operation.

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