Thursday, 8 February 2018

Remember when Ashton Kutcher was best known for his trucker hats?

Ashton Kutcher, who turned 40 on Feb. 7, is known for his role on That ’70s Show, his tech investments, and his real-life romances with the likes of January Jones and Demi Moore, as well as his marriage to former TV girlfriend Mila Kunis. But another thing that people will always think about when his name is mentioned is the trucker hat.

Kutcher has been largely credited with making the hats one of the trends of the early aughts, a trend that we would later regret. (Pharrell Williams is noted as an even earlier advocate of the style.)

Just two months after Kutcher began pranking Justin TimberlakeZac Efron, and other celebs, the New York Times declared the trend dead among hipsters. They noted that Kutcher “typically wears up to five different trucker hats per episode” and “spends a good portion of the time sitting in front of the camera shifting the hats on his head, which has been known to send purists into a rage.”

Full story at Yahoo News.

By Raechal Leone Shewfelt.

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