Thursday, 12 July 2018

DJ Sbu gives Emtee some words of encouragement.

DJ Sbu has some advice for Emtee.
Image: Via Instagram
Sbu has encouraged Emtee not to give in to the pressure of fame after 'stage fall'.

DJ Sbu who has been in the showbiz world for more than a decade knows all about the pressure, and has some words of wisdom to share with young rapper Emtee. 

Emtee has become a topic of discussion ever since videos of him falling on stage last weekend went viral. Fans and celebrities have since expressed concern over Emtee, and the lifestyle choices that he has apparently made since bursting into the spotlight. 

There has been widespread speculation that Emtee seemed intoxicated in the video, which may have caused the fall, but he has since denied the claims. 

Taking to Instagram, DJ Sbu shared a video of Emtee and advised him to keep his chin up. 

Full story at Times Live.
By Karishma Thakurdin.

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